About Us

Heirloom Donuts is your home-away-from-home. Take a break and sip on farm-to-cup coffee, savor one-of-a-kind fresh baked goods, and feel the love. Y’all make memories and we’ll make them sweeter.

Our Mission and Promise

To honor God in how we love our team, customers, and community. Heirloom will strive to breathe life into its employees, so they can positively impact and love everyone we serve.

To be an impactful part of our customers’ and community’s stories; a wholesome fixture in the memories they make.

Our History


Justin & Laura got married and started dreaming together. As entrepreneurs, they always dreamed of opening a little boutique. Combined with Justin’s obsession with donuts, years later, the idea for Heirloom Market & Bakeshop was born.


In January, we began the labor of love renovating the old historic building that once housed Collector’s Corner antique shop and the Jasmine Tea Room.

Heirloom is born

In October, we opened Heirloom Market Co. & Bakeshop for the first time, offering a place for the local community to come to enjoy a pastry, a cup of coffee, and shop through the 50+ local boutiques.

Donut Dropped?

A global pandemic had the Heirloom team pivoting to a new business model. With a vision to sweeten a difficult time, our “Donut Drop” was born. We hit the road in our donut truck and took the donuts and coffee to the community.


We started development on our second location in Newnan. In April, Newnan suffered a horrific tornado on the day Heirloom’s newest store was set to open in Downtown Newnan. We opened a week later.

In December of 2021 we won Best of GA for 2021!

Rising From The Ashes

On September 21, we lost everything in a terrible fire that destroyed our entire building. It was heartbreaking, and while everyone was impacted, no one was hurt. We are so thankful for how God and our community helped us rise from the ashes. 

In November, we reopened a new market in The Avenue in Peachtree City.

A Bright Horizon

Heirloom Donuts opened in our new location in the Avenue in Peachtree City.

Meet the owners

Justin and Laura Gibson

Letter From The Gibsons

To our Dearest Customers, Neighbors, and Friends,

As we sit here reflecting on our business, we are in awe. We are in awe of God’s blessings. We are in awe of God’s grace, and we are in awe of God’s sovereignty. Why would a God who is so big and so mighty care about our small business, but there isn’t a doubt in our minds that He does. God has had a plan for our business from the start. He has blessed us in so many ways, even in the tragedies. Even in the hard. Even in the muck and mire. We think part of that blessing was y’all. When life kicked us down, y’all stepped in and helped us up. Thank you.

What we know for sure is that God has us here, in this place, for a reason. And if He wants us here, then here is where we will be. We know His plan is bigger than ours. We know we can trust Him. So here we are. And we will praise God through it. All of it. And we will praise God for putting people in our lives who continue to love us through it. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

-Love, Justin and Laura Gibson.

Our Team

If the secret ingredient is love, we know that love starts with our team. Every member of the Heirloom team is full of love. Love for each other, our community, and their craft. From our bakers and baristas to our front-of-house hosts, we are here to serve.