Easter’s Featured Flavors

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the coming of spring than with exclusive Heirloom treats? As the weather gets a little warmer and the grass gets greener, we roll up our sleeves and create the perfect goodies for Easter baskets and picnics. If you’re searching for a “bakery near me in Newnan, GA” to make your Easter festivities even more special, consider Heirloom Donuts for all your seasonal treats!

First on the menu are our Easter Basket Goodies – perfectly sized pastries that will be the envy of any Easter gathering. These include our Easter Dozen Donuts, a variety box of four flavors of delicious Heirloom donuts decorated to showcase the season. Available items include our Vanilla Buttercream, a luxurious pastry with a yellow marshmallow chick and Easter egg candies, as well as two more options that start with our classic Chocolate Iced donut. We top one variety with a festive, green coconut “nest” and Easter egg candies, and the other with bright, colorful sprinkles. The final Easter donut flavor is our Vanilla Iced Iced Baby, a showstopper that wows with colorful, Easter-themed sprinkles.

In addition to our donuts, we offer exclusive sweets you won’t find at any other time of the year: Easter Cupcakes, Lil’ Heirloom Cakes, and Heirloom Cakesickles. These handheld sweets are perfect for your picnic baskets or for filling out the dessert section at your Sunday gathering.

If you’re looking for something to feed a crowd, Heirloom offers cakes and pies that are perfect for Easter. There’s our seasonal exclusive Bunny and Cross Cake; our signature Carrot Cake; Southern Pecan Pie (topped with toasted pecans); flaky, buttery Apple Pie; graham cracker-crusted Lemon Icebox Pie; and finally, our delicious Key Lime Pie.

Whether you’re having an Easter party with your family, or buying seasonal sweets for an after-service snack, Heirloom always offers the highest quality bakery goods, sure to satisfy you and your loved ones. Instead of searching for a  “bakery near me in Peachtree City, GA,” contact us today for all the Easter-themed treats you could ever need! We can’t wait to serve you!