From the Ashes

In January 2018, our founders, Justin and Laura, began renovating a historic building once used as a tea room and antique shop. More than a year later, in October 2019, we opened our doors as Heirloom Market Co. & Donuts, a special place dedicated from day one to serving our community. Heirloom Market Co. & Donuts quickly became a popular and cherished location in the coming years, providing a place for our local community to take a break, grab a pastry, savor a cup of coffee (or both), and browse our collection of 50 unique boutiques. We also experienced new growth in 2021 by opening a bakery and coffee shop in Newnan, GA. We were thriving, excited about where we would go next. Then, in the Fall of our third year of business, everything changed. 

On September 21, 2022, we lost everything when our main location caught fire and burnt to the ground, destroying our entire bakery and marketplace. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the real pain came from within, as the disaster impacted nearly everyone in the community. Thanks to our amazing Coweta County firefighters, the response was immediate. After the situation was under control, we began the process of recovering, mourning our loss, and gaining motivation to rise from the ashes and make a comeback! 

Just two months later, we opened a new market in The Avenue in Peachtree City; and now, in 2023, we’ll add a donut shop to the location. Despite the significant loss we experienced, we thank God and our amazing community for helping us renew our business and move forward from the fire of 2022. This month, we are already reaching new heights with a brand-new website and plans for future updates to all of our locations. As always, we offer our award-winning donuts, farm-to-cup coffee, bakery goods, and a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere you’ve come to expect. If you’re searching for a “donut shop near me in Newnan GA,” stop in and grab a coffee and sweet treats! If you have any questions, call us today at 470-215-6208. We look forward to serving you!