Heirloom Is Our Love Language


Whether you need a coffee carafe, breakfast pastries, or some donuts, we’ve got you covered. Place your order by 2 p.m. for next morning availability. For larger orders of five dozen or more, please reach out to the store directly; we’d be happy to accommodate your needs!

Available for Pick-up

Dozen Donuts

6 Count Variety Muffins

6 Count Variety Bagel

6 Count Blueberry Biscuits

The OG

Cookies and Cream

Chocolate Iced 

Chocolate Sprinkles

The Sweet Pig


Strawberry Iced

Strawberry Sprinkles

Maple Iced

The HAP 

Vanilla Iced Iced Baby

Vanilla Sprinkles

Coffee Carafe


The donuts of your dreams, fresh daily. We make our award-winning donuts big enough to fit in all our flavor and love. An Heirloom Donut is more than a sweet treat; it’s a mini-vacation.


Baking people happy every day. Whether it’s a custom order or grab-and-go, our in-house executive pastry chef makes sure the secret ingredient is always love.


Our farm-to cup, fair-trade, award-winning coffee from Cafe 503 will change your life! Sip in-house over a great conversation or get it to-go and conquer your to-dos.

Heirloom Market

A beautifully curated space showcasing 30 local artisans and boutique owners. Located in The Avenue in Peachtree City.

Heirloom Donuts in Sharpsburg, GA

If you want custom donuts, your favorite cake, coffee, some pie, or delicious baked goods, Heirloom Donuts in Sharpsburg, GA is the place to be. It is a beautiful location where you can relax, enjoy the scenery, and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Your search for local donut shops, local cake shops, and local coffee shops near me in Sharpsburg is over.

Donut Shop

When it comes to the best donut shops in Sharpsburg, our donut shop leads the list. At our donut shop, you can order your own custom box of donuts that are filled with the ingredients and flavor you have been craving. Whether you want cookies n’ cream, original glaze, marble, chocolate iced, vanilla buttercream, the hap, or many others – almost 30 options – we have it right here. In addition to offering donut delivery service to your front door, we also give you the option to create custom donuts with the decorations of your choice.

Coffee Shop

Located here in Sharpsburg, GA is the best coffee shop for regular or specialty flavor coffee, such as Cappuccino, Espresso, Macchiato, Latte, Americano, and others. Or, you can pick up a hot chocolate or other Heirloom specialty drink to satisfy your taste buds and thirst. If you are looking for coffee near me now, Heirloom Donuts is the place to visit.

Bakery Shop

At our bakery shop in Sharpsburg, all of your custom goodies await. We have custom cakes, custom wedding cakes, and other mouth-watering baked goods you want, including brownies, old-fashioned cookies, muffins, cannoli, crème horns, banana pudding cups, and more! As a wedding cake bakery and bakeshop for other delectable goodies, we help you satisfy your craving for sweets.


Only about a 7 to 10-minute drive from Sharpsburg to Peachtree City you will find our Heirloom Market location consisting of close to 30 local artisans and boutique stores for your recreational and shopping pleasure. The Market is a great place to visit, walk, and shop.

Look no further than Heirloom Donuts for the best coffee shop, donut shop, and bakery near me in Sharpsburg, GA.

Visit Heirloom Donuts Near Me

To learn more about all of the donuts, baked goods, coffees, and more we offer at Heirloom Donuts in Sharpsburg, GA, call us today at 770.727.3593 or drop us a message through our contact form.