Supporting Community Heroes

Since our founding in 2019, Heirloom has always focused on serving our community in the best way possible. Whether that means using the best coffee beans or crafting gourmet baked goods to make everyone’s day a little better, we’ve always tried our best to serve those around us and positively impact their lives. Keep reading to see how Heirloom supports the community in a fun, positive way!

We didn’t know it at the time, but when we opened in 2019, COVID-19 was about to change everything. Times of fear and uncertainty were fast approaching, but we didn’t just want to close our doors and wait it out. Instead, we decided to try and “sweeten” the difficult times with a new business model: the “Donut Drop.” Whenever anyone ordered a Donut Drop event, we loaded up our custom-wrapped trucks with coffee and donuts and brought the sweets to them. In this small way, we brought people together and brought smiles to their faces during an otherwise hard time.

When COVID-19 was in full swing, Heirloom stepped up to support our area’s first responders, particularly at Piedmont Newnan Hospital. We delivered thousands of meals to help cover their most basic need to eat, which can be quickly neglected during stressful situations. In addition, we couldn’t resist giving them – and everyone present – a Donut Drop to lighten the mood!

On September 21, 2022, our beautiful Heirloom Market Co. and Bakeshop in Sharpsburg burned down. Even though we were shocked and completely devastated, our community, the one we had poured our hearts and work into, came to our aid when we needed it most. Without them, we genuinely don’t know where we would be now. We owe much to Bold Soul Originals, the Coweta County Fire Department, HH Artisan Kitchen, Payton Peoples with Payton Peoples & Company, Trinity Christian School, Hot Press Blonde, and many more. Thank you to all who selflessly gave your time and effort to help us return from the ashes.

We have now started over, opening two new shops for our loyal supporters since November 2022. We look forward to what the future has in store and can’t thank God and our community enough! If you’re looking for a peaceful place to enjoy a donut, coffee, or baked goods, stop by one of our bakery and coffee shops near Peachtree City, GA. We look forward to serving you!