Valentine’s Day Treats

Here at Heirloom Donuts, we love the holidays! In addition to all the special cheer, festivities, and traditions, they allow us to freshen up our menu and give our community some exciting new pastries exclusive to every season! For Valentine’s Day, we go above and beyond, filling our bakehouse with special treats explicitly created for those looking for the perfect gift or sweet treat for the day. If you’re searching for a “bakery near me in Newnan, GA,” Heirloom is here with our awesome selection of custom pastries. Read below to see how we can sweeten your Valentine’s Day!

First and foremost, we offer the ultimate Valentine’s Day grand gesture for your special someone: the Donut Bouquet. This remarkable (and giant!) gift consists of 12 Heirloom donuts packaged into a stunning bouquet of deliciousness. Our donuts’ melt-in-your-mouth texture and perfect level of sweetness are sure to win your true love’s heart – you cannot go wrong with our signature Donut Bouquet! 

Of course, nothing says “I love you” like French delicacies. At Heirloom, you can impress your valentine with our six-piece Macaron Box. These crunchy, airy treats come in several flavors and are meticulously prepared for the perfect texture. Since they’re made the authentic way, our macarons are naturally gluten-free, making these French cookies the perfect gift for those with sensitivities to wheat and gluten.

Another classic treat that is sure to please nearly anyone is our Chocolate-Covered Strawberries. Before dipping, we ensure all our strawberries are fresh, clean, and ready to be drenched in rich, premium chocolate. Then, we take it one step further by drizzling them with white chocolate. Let’s just say that they taste as good as they look! Pair them with our Chocolate Covered Pretzels (also drizzled with white chocolate) for a sweet and salty match made in Heaven.

Finally, our Valentine’s Day menu features our signature Lil’ Heirloom Heart Cakes. These perfectly sized sweet treats let someone know you’re thinking of them without having to make a big commitment. You cannot go wrong with these tasty desserts! 

At Heirloom, we always aim to make your day a little better, and our seasonal Valentine’s Day menu will help you make your special someone’s life even sweeter. For more information on our seasonal menus and ordering process, or to find a “bakery near me in Peachtree City, GA,” contact us today!